can someone write this script with unix

The script should be named final_YourLastname (e.g., a script written by York should be named: final_York). The script should implement car rental reservation activities.

The main menu of the script must prompt users to:
1.Make a Car Reservation
2.Exit System.

When users choose to make a reservation for a car, the script must prompt them to enter the name of a customer and the number of days a customer wishes to rent a car. The script must also prompt customers to enter the size of the car based on the following choices:
S or s  Small size
M or m  Medium size
F or f  Full size

Choosing a small size car will cost customers $15 per day, medium size is $21 per day, and full size is $25 per day.

The total cost of renting a car should be calculated as: (number of days * cost per day).

Print the following details to the screen after your calculations: current date, customer’s name, number of days, cost per day, and the total cost of renting a car.

After each reservation, implement a loop to allow users to make another reservation until they choose to exit the system.

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asked by chris

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