A physics book slides off a horizontal table top with a speed of 1.30 m/s . It strikes the floor after a time of 0.380s . Ignore air resistance.

Find the height of the table top above the floor.

Find the horizontal distance from the edge of the table to the point where the book strikes the floor

Find the horizontal component of the book's velocity just before the book reaches the floor

Find the vertical component of the book's velocity just before the book reaches the floor.

Find the magnitude of the book's velocity just before the book reaches the floor

Find the direction of the book's velocity just before the book reaches the floor.
Express your answer as an angle measured below the horizontal

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  1. vertical problem:
    0 = h + 0 -4.9 t^2
    0 = h - 4.9(.38)^2
    h = .708 meters high

    u = 1.30 forever
    d = u t = 1.3 * .38 = .494 meters away

    (there is no horizontal force.)
    Hey, you know this. You are making me do things you can do yourself.

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  2. 708meters and 494meters

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