Uuh Empirical formulae


Can anyone help me define the empirical formula for highest fluoride and hydride in ununhexium.

292 uuh

How is this reached...



Uuh is in group 16 (or VIA depending upon the system being used) so its chemistry should be similar to O2, S8, Se, Po, etc.
S forms SF4 and SF6 so I would make an educated guess that the hexafluoride would be UuhF6. As to the hydride, H2O, H2S, and H2Se exist. So I would guess H2Uuh would be possible; ALTHOUGH these are not hydrides, as such, at least not the way I define a hydride. I define hydrides as hydrogen with an oxidation state of -1 while the above hydrogen compounds have an oxidation state of +1. In fact, I would guess that Uuh would not form a hydride as I have defined it.

Thank you Dr Bob...

Are you doing the OU course S103. If so, the answer you are looking for is on page 114, book 6. Good luck with the tma!

whoever said UUH has a valency of 6 re check it is 2

I'm really struggling with the same question, i think im just acting blonde but i am major confused can anyone help me please??? I've read all the above but it still makes no senses. Thanks

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asked by Freddo
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