Religion, correction,edit

can someone correct this for me please.

on buddhism

the questions are:

Country of origin:
my answer: north east indian

Historical figures and events:
My answer: the founder of buddhism -Siddhartha Gautana(the buddha)

Central Believes:
my answer:

*the three jewels(believe in buddha, dhama, and the sangha)
*Nirvana/Nibbana (reincarnation)
*the four noble truths to the enlightment

nature of god:
My answer: they don't believe in god

My answer: tripitaka

Ritual and practice(sacred elememts amd their meaning)

My answer:
*sila,samahi, prajna
*the four noble truths
*the eightfold paths(panna, sila , samdhi)

ethics and morality

My answer:
there are 5 morals rule to live by-
*do not kill
*do not steal
*do not lie
*do not consume alcohol or other durgs
*abstain from sexual misconduct and sexsual over indulgence

Good answers, Kailin!

Can you help me please?

Jessica -- please start a new thread by clicking Post a New Question.

We'll be glad to help you when we see your question.

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asked by kailin

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