ok what could be another way to state the dynamics what else could you call it in one word that's acctually a word. please and thank-you

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  1. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. What are you asking for? If it is a synonym of "dynamics" you should state that. It is not in the Thesaurus, but "dynamic" is:

    Main Entry: dynamic
    Function: adjective
    Text: 1 having active strength of body or mind <a dynamic new challenger for the title of heavyweight champion> -- see VIGOROUS 1
    2 marked by or uttered with forcefulness <a dynamic speech expressing her party's goals and values> -- see EMPHATIC 1

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  2. 'Loudness' is a word (it's in the dictionary, I promise). You could also use 'intensity' or 'volume.'

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