The number has two digits. Both of the digits are even.the digit in the tens place is greater that the digit in the unit (or ones) place.the units (or ones digit) is not in the three times table. The tens digit is not double the ones digit. The sum of the two digits is a multiple of five.

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  1. the number is tu
    t > u
    u is in {2,4,8}
    t ≠ 2u
    t+u = is in {5,10,15}

    we know that t+u=10 because each is odd
    u≠8 because 9+2=10 and t>u
    u≠4 because 4+6=10 ≠3k
    Looks like the number is 82

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  2. The answer is 64

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  3. I am confused. 😕

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