a 65kg person dives into the water from the 10m platform. she comes to a stop 2m below the surface of the water. what net force did the water exert on the swimmer?

so for the net force i got -2548N

i know: vf^2=vi^2 + 2ad
vf^2 = 0 + 2(9.8)(10)
vf^2 = 196
vf=14m/s therefore to get the force normal i first got the acceleration of the force normal by:

vf^2 = vi^2 + 2ad
since vf at 2m into the water is 0

0 = 196 + (2)(a)(2)
-196 = 4a
-49 = a

for the force normal i did the n = m*a

normal = 65*-49
normal = -3185

force gravity = m*g
forge gravity = 65 * 9.8
force gravity = 637

force gravity + force normal = net force
net force = 637 + (-3185)
net force = -2548N

but i don't trust my answer, someone please help me understand what i did wrong if i did anything wrong

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  1. Jm

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