Global Studies (check please)

The belief, shared by many Americans, that the United States had a right to own all the land from the Atlantic to the Pacific was called
a. America's Right *****
b. Manifest Destiny
c. The Inheritance
d. Free Will

Which of the following was neither part of the Confederacy nor the Union?
a. Minnesota
b. Texas
c. Michigan
d. Colorado****

Why did some Southern states withdraw from the United states in 1860?
a. They wanted to avoid the Civil War
b. They didn't believe in manifest destiny
c. They wanted to trade freely with Great Britain
c. They feared they would have little say in the government *******

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  1. 1) B
    2) D
    3) D

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  2. yes Riley is right

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  3. lesson:5 Growth and conflict in the unites states unit 1 grade 7th


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  4. thx kk and were in the same grade yay

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  5. The number 2 is D.

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  6. The first one is manifest destiny

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