About 50% of U.S. and most Canadian sulfur is produced by the Claus process, in which sulfur is obtained from the H2S(g) that occurs in natural gas deposits or is produced when sulfur is removed from petroleum. The reactions are described by the equations


How many metric tons of sulfur can be produced from 2.00 million liters of H2S(g) at 6.00 bar and 200.0 degrees C?

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  1. Use PV = nRT to convert 2 million liters H2S gas at the conditions listed to mols.

    Use the coefficients in the balanced equations to convert mols H2S to mols S.
    That will be
    mols H2S x (2 mols SO2/2 mols H2S) x (3 mols S/1 mol SO2) = mols S

    Convert mols S to grams. g = mols S x atomic mass S. Then convert to metric tons.

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