Write the possessive form of the noun in parentheses.

1/ (Estelle) dentist looked at her teeth.
Answer: Estelle's

2/ The (dentist) nurse helped him.
Answer: dentist's

3/ Her ( mother) car was parked outside.
Answer: mother's

4/ her (brother) appointment was next .
Answer: brother's

5/ Mother paid for the (day) visits.
Answer: days'

Q/2: Read the passage , and choose the correct possessive noun for each numbered space. Fill in the oval next to your choice.

goes to his (1).............office once a year. The doctor listens to (2) ...........heart. The (3) .......
Waiting room has many books . Some of the (4) ............. Stories are about health. All the (5) records are kept in the office . Dr. Nu is a (6) ........... Doctor. Mother goes to a (7) ...........doctor. Every (8) ................health is important.

1/* doctor
Answer: doctor's


3/ *offices
* offices'
Answer: office's

Answer: books'

5/ patient

6/ child
Answer: children's

7/ women
Answer: women's

8/ person's
Answer: person's

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  1. In the first part, 5 is wrong. The rest are correct.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. Which is F question 1or 2?

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  3. This answer is wrong.

    5/ Mother paid for the (day) visits.
    Answer: days'

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    Ms. Sue

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