Exercise 32.4

Please help with this assignment. Are these correct?

Rive to clarify pronoun reference. Most can be revised in many ways. If a pronoun refers ambiguously to more than one possible antecedent, revise the sentence to reflect each possible meaning.

1. All scholarship applicants must fill out a financial aid form, meet with the dean and write a letter to the committee members; the deadline is October 24, so they should start the process as soon as possible.
2. Patients may relate better to their therapist, be less vulnerable to what disturbs them, and be more responsive on medication.
3. Ms. Dunbar wanted to speak to my mother before speaking to me.
4. In Texas, you often hear about the influence of big oil corporations.
5. A small band of protestors picketed the new shopping center, which outraged many residents.

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  1. I see you have submitted your question again in a clearer form :)

    firstly what do you think?

    sorry if this is pain but we are not here to the work for you.

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  2. I believe 1-3 are correct but I am still having trouble with 4 and 5

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  3. for question 4
    google it
    is their any news on this?
    same goes for 5

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  4. The influence of big oil corporations is often heard about in Texas.

    Is that better?

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  5. so 1-4 is done
    if there was none for 5 then it was most likely false

    I'm sorry but i am no expertise in this area

    i am trying to offer you my help

    do you need to write any explanation for the answers.
    i will try my best to help you

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