I am doing descriptive writing
I am currently constructing a weather scene, which is a bad rainy day. This will end up building more tension to my story.
Here is what I got so far...

Out the window next to me, the rain was pouring heavily, from the overcast of thick clouds. Gushes of rain was hammering against the window pane and slicing through the leaves on the bare tree. Water stood on the slippery roads, as passing cars fought their way through the gushing rain.

What else can I write?
Any Ideas?

All help will be very much appreciated

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  1. Get rid of repetitive words.

    Make sure all subjects and verbs agree.

    In that last sentence, was the water STANDING on the road or running across the road?

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  2. sorry about the constant posting
    something i wrong with my pc
    sorted it out though

    I believe it was more dramatic with standing

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  3. Standing water usually occurs after the rain has stopped.

    Running or rushing usually means it's still raining.

    Which are you envisioning?

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