1. _______ magma causes powerful and explosive volcanic eruptions.
A. Andesitic
B. Rhyolitic
C. Basaltic
D. Composite

2. All the processes that form mountain ranges are known as
A. arch vibrations.
B. compressive forces.
C. orogeny.
D. island arcing.

3. _______ describes all the processes associated with the discharge of magma, hot fluids, ash, and gases. A. Volcanism
B. Hydraulic energy
C. Magnetism
D. Thermal energy

4. _______ currents assist in the transfer of thermal energy from warmer climates to cooler climates.
A. Tectonic
B. Platonic
C. Plutonium
D. Convection

5. Soil liquefaction occurs when
A. seismic vibrations pollute the entire atmosphere.
B. seismic vibrations impact only the inner core of Earth.
C. seismic vibrations cause the ground to act like a liquid.
D. seismic vibrations have no impact on topsoil.

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  1. sry boo idk the answer im looking for it to hope you got the answers you were looking for happy new years<3

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