The FDA recommends that women who are pregnant avoid eating more than three 6.00-oz servings of bluefish per month because of the relatively high mercury levels in that type of fish. If bluefish contains 0.341 ppm of mercury (that is, 0.341 oz of mercury per 1×106 oz of fish) how many ounces of mercury would a pregnant woman consume in a month if she ate the maximum recommended amount of bluefish?

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  1. (6.00 oz/serving) x 3 servings/mo = 18.00 oz blue fish per month.

    (0.341 oz Hg/10^6 oz fish( x 18.00 oz fish = ? oz Hg in 18.00 oz bluefish.

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  2. Thank you x)

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  3. 5.85 x 10^-6

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  4. 5.76*10^6

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