math ms sue please help, PLEASE!!!!

bailey uses the results from an experiment to calculate the probability of each color of block being chosen from a bucket. he says P(red)=35%, P(blue)=45%, and P(yellow)=20%. jarod uses theoretical probability because he knows how many of each color block is in the bucket. he says P(red)=45%, P(blue)=35%, and P(yellow)=20%. on bailey's turn, he predicts blue. on jarod's turn, he predicts red. neither boy makes the right prediction.

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  1. also,
    did the boys make reasonable prediction based on their own probabilities? explain

    did they do something wrong with their calculations? explain.

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  2. really??????

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  3. I'm basically a middle school English and social studies teacher.

    The last math course I took was in high school over 60 years ago.

  4. oh. do you know anyone else who can help me? if so, please get them to help me!!!

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  5. Yo mommy

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    posted by Ugj

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