help me with this language arts.

Multiple Choice
1. A court order that integrated the schools in a city would (1 point)
bring students of different races together.
close down the schools.
keep students of different races apart.
2. Read the following passage from Through My Eyes:

After the first day, I was glad to get home. I wanted to change my clothes and go outside to find my friends. My mother wasn’t too worried about me because the police had set up barricades at each end of the block. Only local residents were allowed on our street. That afternoon, I taught a friend the chant I had learned: “Two, four, six, eight, we don’t want to integrate.” My friend and I didn’t know what the words meant, but we would jump rope to it every day after school.

How does this passage emphasize that the story is told from the point of view of a child? (1 point)
Ruby doesn’t really understand the chant; she responds only to the rhythmic sound.
Ruby teaches her friend what she has learned at school that day.
Ruby’s mother is not worried about her because of the barricades at the ends of the block.
3. What question might a student ask about this passage to understand the circumstances of the setting of Ruby’s story? (1 point)
Was Ruby’s mother worried about her playing outside?
Why did Ruby jump rope to the offensive rhyme?
Why were only local residents allowed on Ruby’s street?
4. In the following sentence, which words should be in quotation marks?

Did you read the chapter Chemical Reactions in our science textbook, Understanding Chemistry?

(1 point)
chapter Chemical Reactions
Chemical Reactions
Understanding Chemistry

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asked by josh
  1. ms sue help me please

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    posted by josh
  2. How would you like me to help you, Josh?

  3. 1.b.2c 3b 4a
    check them

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    posted by josh
  4. 1.b No
    2c No
    3b No
    4a No

    You struck out.

    Now, read carefully and look up unfamiliar words in a dictionary.

  5. 1. Bring students of different races together.

    2. Ruby doesn't really understand the chant; she responds only to the rhythmic sound.

    3. Why were only local residents allowed on Ruby's street?

    4. Chemical Reactions

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  6. Connections has a no-cheating policy. Lots of teachers and administrators read this forum.

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