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1. What was the Trail of Tears? (1 point)
the nickname given to Manifest Destiny by many Native Americans
the battlefield where thousands of Cherokees were killed defending their home territory
the path walked by Native Americans as they were forced to relocate to Indian Territory
a dangerous path across the Rocky Mountains which caused the death of hundreds of settlers
2. What impact did Manifest Destiny have on Native Americans? (1 point)
They were often asked to lead journeys to new territories.
They were consulted for the best routes to new territories.
They were forced to relocate from their home territories.
They became rich by selling the land in their home territories.
3. Which of the following are possible results of the Monroe Doctrine? (1 point)
Native Americans are forced off their lands in the West.
More Americans move westward seeking gold and riches.
The U.S. stops a Spanish ship from entering Florida waters.
European countries have more influence in the Western hemisphere.
4. Slavery was defended for many reasons in the 1800s. Which opinion best explains why some citizens of free states might support slavery? (1 point)
Slaves were needed to build railroads and new cities in the west.
Escaped slaves should not be protected by the governments of free states.
New states should be able to choose whether slavery would be legal or not.
Southern agriculture was too important to the U.S. economy to lose slave labor.
5. In the first half of the 19th century, why did the U.S. Congress work to keep a balance between the number of slaveholding states and free states? (1 point)
Most Congressmen on both sides knew that there would be a civil war if one side became more powerful.
Most Northerners did not want to treat African-Americans as full citizens, so Congress kept slavery legal in some places.
If supporters of slavery or abolition had more representatives in the U.S. Congress, they would have their way on the issue.
The North could not survive without Southern agriculture, so most Northern congressmen agreed that slavery was necessary.
6. Which sentence best describes the two main factors that caused conflict between Native Americans and white settlers? (1 point)
Native Americans did not want to be under American rule, and they did not want to join its military.
Native Americans did not want to change their culture, and they did not want to give up their land.
Native Americans did not want to give up their gold, and they did not want to teach the Europeans to hunt.
Native Americans did not want dress like Europeans, and they did not want to teach their children how to read or write.
7. Which answer best describes how macadam roads were made? (1 point)
Bricks were laid on the ground to form a road.
Cement was poured on the ground to form a road.
Wooden planks were laid end–to–end to form a road.
Rocks were broken up and placed in layers to form a road.
8. Which answer best details an advantage of the train that traveled from the east coast to California? (1 point)
The train across the country was always on time and extremely safe.
The cross-country train inspired Americans to build a cross-country highway system.
Goods and people could be moved across the country more quicker and more cheaper than ever before.
The high cost of shipping goods across the country raised their prices and made merchants rich.
9. Which answer best explains the Cherokee's main argument against Georgia in Cherokee Nation v. Georgia? (1 point)
The Cherokee argued they had legally bought their land from other tribes.
The Cherokee argued they were a separate nation and not bound by state laws.
The Cherokee argued they had already signed an agreement with the federal government.
The Cherokee argued they had given all their land to the missions so Georgia had no case.
10. Which answer best summarizes Andrew Jackson's response to the Supreme Court ruling that the Indian Removal Act was unconstitutional? (1 point)
He found ways to remove the Native Americans anyway.
He agreed with the ruling and enforced it in all the states.
He convinced the states to pass their own laws as they saw fit.
He argued the Supreme Court should be disbanded and the justices replaced.
11. A map of the continental United States with a line indicated in red, following the western portion of Missouri

On the map above, people who were against slavery were most likely to settle in which states? (1 point)
The region including Missouri and the unorganized territory of the central plains
The group of states including those in the Northeastern United States
The group of states including those in the Southeastern United States
The group of states including the unorganized territory and Northwestern United States
12. A map of the continental United States with a line indicated in red, following the western portion of Missouri

Review the map above. Why is the red line between Missouri and the Arkansas Territory significant? (1 point)
The line started the debate that eventually led to the Civil War.
The line gave congress much needed control over the politics of the rapidly growing Midwest.
The line was important in completing the Mason-Dixon line between the North and South.
The line established a boundary to keep the slave states and the free states balanced in congress.
13. Which answer best describes the effects that improvements in transportation had on the United States economy in the 1800s? (1 point)
They made it easier to move money quicker.
They made it easier for Americans to take vacations.
They made it easier to move goods cheaper and quicker.
They made it easier for Americans to get to their jobs each day.
14. A map showing the continental United States and the territorial acquisitions between 1783 and 1853. Region A is designated as the California Territory. Region B includes the states of Nevada, Utah, Arizona and parts of Western Colorado and New Mexico. Section C includes the Gadsden Purchase. Region D includes Texas and parts of Eastern Colorado and New Mexico.

Which labeled area on the map represents the Bear Flag Republic? (1 point)
Region A
Region B
Region C
Region D
15. A map showing the continental United States. Areas designated on the map include the original 13 colonies, the Florida Territory, the Louisiana Purchase, the Texas Annexation, Mexico, the Mexican Cession, The Oregon Territory, and the Gadsden Purchase.

On the map above, review the territory gained by the United States through the Gadsden Purchase. How did the Gadsden Purchase most likely affect trade? (1 point)
It prevented overseas trade with Texas.
It allowed Mexico to trade with Asian countries more easily.
It kept Native Americans tribes from trading with each other.
It provided the U.S. with a southern route for transcontinental trade.

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