Social Studies

What agreement set the official border of the Louisiana Territory between Canada and the United States?

A. Rush-Bagot
B. Monroe Doctrine
C. Adams-Onis Treaty
D. Convention of 1818

Can you please check this, my answer is C. Am I right?

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  1. Of course it is not right.

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  2. C is not right.

    Read the first couple of paragraphs here.

  3. Okay so it would be Convention of 1818.

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  4. Finally. It is amazing what a little research can do.

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  5. Bob please take your sarcasm somewhere else.

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  6. The answer was D.

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  7. lol :P

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  8. is it D OR C?

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  9. the answer is D the convection of 1818

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    posted by anna L
  10. the answer is D the convention of 1818

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    posted by anna L

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