Math help

I need help solving each equation by the substitution method.
1. X=5y-1

2. -2x+3y=11

3. X=-9y-1

I need help on these so please guide me in the right direction because I'm struggling on this topic!!

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  1. 1)
    use 5 y - 1 for x
    5 y-1 + 2y = 13
    7 y - 1 = 13
    7 y = 14
    y = 2
    now go back and get x
    x = 5(2)-1
    x = 9

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    posted by Damon
  2. 2)

    -2 (4y-3) + 3 y = 11

    -8 y + 6 + 3 y = 11
    - 5 y + 6 = 11
    -5y = 5

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    posted by Damon

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