Chemistry Combined Gas Law

Hi so im reviewing or our long test tomorrow on combined gas law and gay lussac's

well here, combined gas law i find it (maybe ) confusing to do this one, because theres no right answers because it is a practice exercise..
what i know on combined gas law is that pressure is inversely proportional to the volume.pressure directly prporional to temperature. i got hooked up in these problem where all (P,V,T) are decreased ( the way i solved it )

here it is :

a gas measures 10 ml at 27 degrees celsius and 760 mm hg. what will be the volume of the gas at 15 degrees celsius and 750 mm hg ? help me please

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asked by Joy
  1. combined gas law:


    you are looking for V2

    V2=P1/P2 * V1*T2/T1
    = 760/750 * 10ml*(15+273)/(27+273)

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  2. 760/750*10*285/300=9.595

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    posted by royford

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