Please help with Physics Quickly

1. How are impulse and momentum related?
(Points : 1)
Impulse is the change in momentum of an object.

Momentum is the change in impulse acting on an object.

Impulse and momentum are always equal in magnitude.

Impulse and momentum are the same thing.

Question 2. 2. Which of these is a statement of the impulse-momentum theorem?
(Points : 1)
F = ma

The impulse is the average force times the time of interaction.

The average force times the time of interaction equals the change in momentum.

Impulse has units of momentum.

Question 3. 3. Which of the following is the equation for impulse?
(Points : 1)
impulse = ma

impulse = mv

impulse = Ft

impulse = p

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asked by Anna
  1. Impulse is integral F dt , change in momentum

    Impulse is average force times time of interaction

    Impulse = F t
    The way I think about it:
    I do not really use
    F = m a
    I think
    F = d/dt(mv) the rate of changer of momentum
    (By the way, that works even when you get into special relativity and for objects whose mass is changing like rockets)
    If m is constant then indeed
    F = m dv/dt which is F = ma
    my way
    F = d (mv) /dt
    F dt = d (mv) = impulse

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    posted by Damon
  2. is this from k12

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    posted by Kylie

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