can anyone please answer these 5 before i scratch my brain out.i did the rest but these i couldn't get

What marked the beginning of agriculture in the Americas ?

A.Native people began raising goats.
B.The hoe was invented.
C.Native people began growing maize.
D.The Spanish arrived.

2.Aztec aqueducts were an important accomplishment because they

A.prevented flooding.
B. collected rain water.
C.improved sewage systems.
D.carried water to the capital.

3.The Maya's use of astronomy was advanced because they used it predict horoscopes. develop accurate calendars. explain past events. choose names for their children.

4.The Olmec influenced later Native Americans mainly through

5. For what reason did Hernán Cortés most likely build Mexico City over top of Tenochtitlán?

A.He liked the location.
B.He wanted to prevent the Aztecs from farming.
C.He wanted to demonstrate Spanish superiority.
D.He did not want to spend time looking for another site.

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asked by zoey
  1. 1.


    3. B


    5. A

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