gifted talented science

pls, help! this is hard and confusing!

1. How does runoff affect a community? (1 point)
Runoff can supply new homes and businesses with the water that they need.
Runoff can provide the water that fish in streams and lakes rely on.
Runoff can prevent streams and lakes from flooding.
Runoff can carry pollutants and loose soil into the waterways.

2. What causes runoff? (1 point)
waterways overflowing their banks
paving over areas that once absorbed water
building too close to a lake or a stream
not providing enough storm drains

3. How can sprawl affect the wildlife that lives around a community?
(1 point)
Sprawl creates more green space where wildlife can live.
Sprawl produces more water that wildlife can drink.
Sprawl can destroy the habitats that wildlife lives in.
Sprawl allows wildlife to live on food that people give them.

4. What is a good way to conserve energy? (1 point)
Leave the ceiling fan on when you leave the room to keep the room cool.
Unplug electronics when they have finished charging.
Use hot water to wash your clothes.
Prevent your computer from sleeping because it takes more power for it to wake up.

I don't know any of them, i thought the answers would be different... but for #4 im going with b.
pls help asap!!!

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  1. I agree with you about 4 = b.

    Think hard about the others, and let us know what you think. If you're in a gifted class, you should be able to use logic to come up with the answers.

  2. i think 1. is d
    2. is b??
    and 3. is c i think...
    help pls

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    posted by TTR+S<3
  3. I agree with you on all your answer choices. =)

  4. thank you Writeacher!!!!! i got them all right!:)

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    posted by TTR+S<3
  5. =)

    You're welcome!

  6. 1. d
    2. b
    3. c
    4. b
    just took this, got a 100!

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  7. Justhelper is right! thx :)

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  8. Thank you!

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    posted by Ranya
  9. just wondering what is runoff?

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  10. @Anonymous, runoff is the excess water that runs off the sides of mountains, cliffs of hills after it rains, or snow melts. The runoff water can also bring small pieces of dirt with it, slowly causing erosion.

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  11. Thx anonymously anonymous!

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