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Can someone please point me in the right direction? Thanks. the info is a bit lengthy. here goes.

Explain how you would create the users for the sales organization unit and how to set up
work groups in this particular situation. Keep in mind that you may have to name certain
applications and allowable tasks for each individual or job role.

and here is the material.

Exercise 8: Creating Users
1. To create a user in the ACMExx COM domain, right-click the ACMExx COM domain, select
New option, and select User. In the New Object–User dialog box input your first name, middle
initial, and last name. For your User Logon Name, use your first initial, middle initial, and
last name without spaces. Therefore, if your name is Paul G. Rogers, your login name would
be PGRogers. Click on the Next button.
2. Enter the password of PW (uppercase) and enable the Password must change password on next
logon option. Click on the Finish button.
3. After your account has been created, right-click on your account and select the Properties option.
Input your description as domain administrator and your office as the server room. Input
your telephone number, email address, and web page URL if you have one. Click on the Address
tab and type in your address. Click on the Telephones tab and input your phone numbers.
Click on the Organization tab and input administrator for the Title, IT for the Department, and
Acme Corporation for the Company. Click on the OK button.
4. Create the following users in the appropriate organizational unit.

First Middle Last User Logon Organizational
Name Initial Name Name Title Department Unit
Charles L Gee CLGeeX Sales Manager Sales Sales
Frank J Biggs FJBiggsX Sales Rep. Sales Sales
Herold W Jones HWJonesX Sales Rep. Sales Sales
Paul L Ray PLRayX Sales Rep. Sales Sales
Juan O Hermes JOHermesX Sales Rep. Sales Sales
Jill K Knight JKKnightX Sales Admin. Asst. Sales Sales
Jean A Mao JAMaoX Training Manager Education Education
Edward J Morell EJMorellX Trainer Education Education
Donna L Starr DLStarrX Manufact. Manager Manufacturing Manufacturing
Eric O Skow EOSkowX Manufact. Technician Manufacturing Manufacturing
Victor N Sloan VNSloanX Manufact. Technician Manufacturing Manufacturing
Sonny K Wong SKWongX Research Engineer Manufacturing Research
Gina J Smith GJSmithX Research Engineer Manufacturing Research

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asked by James
  1. I apologize..the last bit of info is a bit jumbled up.

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    posted by James
  2. how do u right click to do exercise 8

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    posted by sean

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