SS-check my answers plz!!!

1. A person favoring one side of a political issue is

a faction.
a party favor.
implying power.

2. The Democratic-Republicans believed in strong state governments and

rule by the wealthy class.
a national bank.
a strong federal government.
rule by the people.

3. What law made it illegal to criticize the government?

)Alien Act
Sedition Act
Naturalization Act
Tyranny Act

4. What are the first 10 amendments that were added to the Constitution?

Report on Public Credit
Bill of Rights
Judiciary Act of 1789
American Government Plan

5. George Washington warned that political parties would

divide the nation.
create lively debate.
help the nation.
destroy states' rights.

6. The election of 1800 was decided by

the Senate.
the House of Representatives.
popular votes.
the Electoral College.

7. Jefferson thought government should do all of these except

spy on its citizens.
conduct a census.
deliver the mail.
collect customs duties.

8. The Supreme Court's ability to examine and rule on the acts of other branches of the government is called

law review.
judicial review.
Supreme ruling.

9. The Louisiana Territory was purchased from


10. Who forced Napoleon Bonaparte to abandon plans for an American empire?

Zebulon Pike
Aaron Burr
Meriwether Lewis

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  1. 1. Partisan
    2. Rule by the people
    3. Sedition Act
    4. Bill of Rights
    5. Help the nation?
    6. House of Repersentatives
    7. Spy on citizens
    8. Judcial reveiw
    9. France

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  2. 5 is wrong.

    10. Toussaint-Louverture

    The others are right.

  3. 5 Washington warned AGAINST political parties fearing dividing the nation

    10 Google Toussaint-Louverture island troublemaker :) Led revolt against France in Haiti. Tied up French military, caused them to all die of yellow fever etc.

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    posted by Damon
  4. Thank you guys!:-)
    P.s how silly am I?
    On #5 I thought it said:

    Washington believed political parties would:

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  5. You're welcome.

  6. thanks soo much!!!! love you!!!

  7. 5 is divide the nation. just took. others r right

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  8. u are a major cheater

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    posted by bob
  9. bob, he didn't cheat, he had all the answers which means he did them on his own he just wanted to make sure they were correct

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    posted by Mr.?
  10. so is five A. please help asap

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    posted by blank
  11. ^ yeah blank your right

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  12. partisan

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