Anatomy & Physiology

Someone please check my answer and tell me if they are right or wrong.

1. What are the constituents of DNA?
A. Sugars and lipids
B. Proteins and sugars
C. Sugars, phosphates, and nitrogenous bases
D. Lipids, nitrogenous bases, and proteins

2. What is the mechanism that maintains a stable environment within the body?
A. Symptoms
B. Syndrome
C. Prognosis
D. Equilibrium
3. When you do a push-up from the floor, what kind of movement describes the motion of your elbow?
A. Flexion
B. Abduction
C. Rotation
D. Extension
4. Glucose is the main source of cell energy, but any glucose that can't be used immediately is stored for
future use as
A. galactose.
B. glycogen.
C. fat.
D. carbohydrates.
5. A eukaryotic cell in a human body has just reproduced assexually. Which of the following has mostl
likely just occurred?
A. Metastasis
B. Fertilization
C. Mitosis
D. Meiosis
6. Which structure protects and holds the contents of a cell together?
A. Cytoplasm
B. Centrosomes
C. Membrane
D. Ribosomes
7. A patient is having difficulty walking. Which prefix would be used to explain this difficulty?
A. Megaly-
B. Endo-
C. Epi-
D. Dys-
8. Which one of the following processes is achieved through osmosis?
A. A cube of sugar dissolving in coffee
B. Water moving across the cell membrane
C. Particles of oxygen filling the lungs
D. Transport of proteins from the endoplasmic reticulum to the Golgi apparatus
9. A person needs to lie on the stomach to expose the back for a procedure. In which position will the
person be placed?
A. Supine
B. Prone
C. Trendelenburg
D. Fowler's
10. In diffusion, movement of particles across a membrane is driven by differences in
A. force.
B. concentration.
C. size.
D. shape.
11. A patient is infected with an organism that enters the cell and uses the cell's energy parts to grow and
multiply. What type of organism is causing this patient's infection?
A. Protozoa
B. Bacteria
C. Fungi
D. Virus
12. The skin plays a major role in
A. retention of oxygen and excretion of carbon dioxide.
B. synthesis and storage of proteins.
C. temperature regulation and sensation.
D. absorption of vitamin A and certain drugs.
13. Which part of the endoplasmic reticulum synthesizes lipids and steroids?
A. Rough
B. Cilia
C. Smooth
D. Flagella
14. Which of the following bones is part of the appendicular skeleton?
A. Occipital bone
B. Maxilla
C. Sternum
D. Ulna
15. What cellular process involves mitosis?
A. Growth
B. Specialization
C. Movement
D. Fertilization
16. During an emergency room examination for an injured arm, the physician palpates the arm's entire
length, starting at the shoulder and ending at the fingers of the hand. This process takes him from a(n)
_______ position.
A. coronal to transverse
B. proximal to distal
C. right to left
D. anterior to ventral
17. During football practice, a high school student injures the left pectoral girdle. Which bones are affected
by this injury?
A. Scapula and humerus
B. Clavicle and ischium
C. Scapula and radius
D. Clavicle and scapula
18. In which phase of the cell cycle are the chromosomes split?
A. Anaphase
B. Telophase
C. Prophase
D. Metaphase
19. While being examined, a patient is found to have problems moving the thumb. Which type of joint is
being affected?
A. Pivot
B. Saddle
C. Gliding
D. Hinge
20. A person has a sideways curvature of the vertebral column. What type of curvature does this person
A. Scoliosis
B. Kyphosis
C. Lordosis
D. Ptosis
21. A patient is told that she has a joint disorder that's caused by an infection. What type of disorder does
this person have?
A. Gout
B. Septic arthritis
C. Bursitis
D. Osteoarthritis
22. A patient has fractured the left trochanter. Where is this structure located?
A. Coxal
B. Femur
C. Rib
D. Tibia
23. A person is diagnosed with a problem with the gall bladder. Which part of the abdomen will be
examined for this problem?
A. Right upper quadrant
B. Right lower quadrant
C. Left upper quadrant
D. Left lower quadrant
24. What is the medical term for the kneecap?
A. Tarsus
B. Tibia
C. Femur
D. Patella
25. Which one of the following is an example of epithelial tissue?
A. Subcutaneous skin layer
B. Aponeuroses
C. Lining of the digestive tract
D. Larynx

1. C
2. D
12. C
15. A
17. A
20. A
21. B
22. A
23. D
24. D
25. A

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