Use the point-slope form linear equation given to complete the following problems.


1. What is the slope of the given line?
Here's what I did:


Correct so far?

2. What point does this line pass through, which is the basis of this equation?
I said (0,6)

3.Rewrite this equation in slope-intercept form.
I did this:

4, What is the y-intercept of this line?
I said:

5. Rewrite the equation in standard form.
What I did:

Is this correct?

6. What is the x-intercept of this line?
I'm not sure about this.

If you could check my work and help me complete the problems, I'd be so grateful.

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  1. You did well.
    Some small errors

    from y-3 = 3(x+1)
    y-3 = 3x + 3
    at this point you did:
    y-3+3 = 3x+3
    should have been
    y-3+3 = 3x+3 + 3,
    y = 3x + 6, which you have (so there were actually two errors here)

    #2, looking at y-3 = 3(x+1)
    and comparing it to the point-slope form of
    y - y1 = m(x - x1)
    our point was (-1,3)

    #3, #4 are good

    #5 should be:
    3x - y = -6

    If your equation is in standard form, the x-intercepts can be done in your head.
    for the x-intercept, let y = 0
    put your little pinkie finger over the y term (it is zero), then 3x = -6 ----> in your head, x = -2

    for the y-intercept, let x=0
    put your pinkie finger over the x term,
    ---> -y = -6 or y = 6 , which is also the b in y = 3x + 6

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    posted by Reiny

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