Can someone please please help me? I don't have a text book, i have a online book and it isn't working. Can someone please be nice and help me? Science isn't my subject!
1. Why is Earth’s temperature just right for life? (1 point)
Earth’s core is hot enough to heat Earth’s surface.
Earth’s magnetic field creates suitable temperatures on Earth’s surface.
Earth’s crust is warmed by heat from the sun.
Earth’s atmosphere traps heat from the sun, which makes Earth’s temperature suitable for living things.
2. Which of the following statements accurately explains how Earth’s atmosphere supports life? (1 point)
Earth’s atmosphere contains 78 percent oxygen, which is essential for life.
Earth’s atmosphere contains 21 percent oxygen, which many life forms need to survive.
Earth’s atmosphere contains more oxygen than carbon dioxide.
Earth’s atmosphere contains carbon dioxide, which all life forms breathe in.
3. What is the relationship between Earth’s surface features and Earth being called the “blue planet”? (1 point)
Clouds in Earth’s atmosphere can sometimes appear blue when viewed from space.
Water on Earth’s surface appears blue when viewed from space.
The sky is actually blue.
Oxygen in Earth’s atmosphere appears blue when viewed from space.
4. Which of the following statements best explains why Earth’s place in space is suitable for life? (1 point)
Earth is the smallest of the outer planets, making its temperature just right for life forms.
Earth is the third planet from the sun, and its distance from the sun is just right.
Earth is the second planet from the sun and is a medium-sized inner planet.
Earth is the largest and innermost planet in the solar system; the sun keeps Earth’s temperature warm.

asked by Mandy
  1. Study it. We don't give out answers here. We only check your answers, sorry.

    posted by Anonymous
  2. did you figure it out?

    posted by Anonymous
  3. earth is the smallest of the outer planets making its temperature just right for life

    posted by kendia
  4. For question 1 it's D.
    For question 2 it's B.
    For question 3 it's B.
    For question 4 it's B.

    posted by Fuyuko
  5. 3. What inference can you make about Jo based on the selection? (1 point)Jo is adventuresome and enjoys traveling to new places.
    Jo is afraid of activities in the water.
    Jo is worried about what other people think of her.
    Jo is quiet and shy around new people.

    posted by robert
  6. @Fuyuko is correct!(: Just got a 100%. Thanks.!

    posted by Connexus User
  7. Fuyuko is correct.


    posted by Anon
  8. D

    posted by hibye
  9. P

    posted by POOP
  10. This is boaring

    posted by I am board
  11. i just too this quick check so if you want to check you answers here are the correct ones
    1. D-Earths atmosphere traps heat...
    2. B-Earths atmosphere contains 21 percent...
    3. B-Water on earths surface appears blue...
    4. B-Earth is the third planet from the sun...

    posted by ahboogala
  12. 1. C
    2. B
    3. B
    4. 1 & 2
    5. C
    6. A
    7. D
    8. D
    9. B
    10. C
    11. D
    12. A
    13. D
    14. C
    15. B
    16. A
    17. C
    18. False
    This is coming from a connections student who just finished the intro to planet earth science test :)

    posted by the girl that has no friends
  13. Is that the pre-test or unit test answer?

    posted by Anonymous
  14. d

    posted by g
  15. D
    100% TRUST ME

    posted by Megan
  16. Its corrrect here are the answers DBBB
    im a connxex student

    posted by RICEGUM
  17. im sorry but please do not give out answers

    posted by Mrs. Bastin
  18. Megan is right, i got 100%!

    posted by Jane Barlow.
  19. DBBB

    posted by A
  20. D

    posted by J-kid
  21. yes the answers are
    1. D
    2-4. B

    posted by connections academy
  22. D
    is correct :)

    posted by Violet
  23. Well guess what I'm bord we are not here for play time at the park now are we.

    posted by Lol
  24. WOW these are the best grades I have gotten all semester!!!!!!!


    posted by UNICORNS!!
  25. Don't lessen to ricegum the answer to connections academy unit 3 lesson 7 are: 1.D 2.B 3.B 4.B

    posted by 16studybuddy

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