grade 5 math

the grade 5 class decided to collect cans of food to donate to the food bank .After the 1st week ,they had collected 8 cans . The next week they collected 11 more . By the 3 rd week they had 31 cans
Following this pattern how long will it take for them to reach there goal of 150 cans
Thank you for helping

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  1. 8+11+31=50 for 3 weeks and to get 150 cans you would need to collect for 6 more weeks.

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  2. Look for the pattern. The class started with 8 the first week, then added 11 for a total of 19 after week 2. Week 3, they had 31 cans. How many more is that than week 2? 12, right? Week 2 was +11, week 3 was +12, week 4 will be +13, for a total of 44, and week 5 will be +14 and the class will have 58 cans. See the pattern? You can do the rest from here.

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  3. Tim's family was collecting aluminium cans to recycle.They found out that they would get two cents for every three cans they collected.If they collected 2,187 cans,how much money did they receive?

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