In Concept Simulation 10.2 you can explore the concepts that are important in this problem. Astronauts on a distant planet set up a simple pendulum of length 1.2 m. The pendulum executes simple harmonic motion and makes 100 complete oscillations in 330 s. What is the magnitude of the acceleration due to gravity on this planet?

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asked by nada
  1. T = 330/100 = 3.30 s. = The Period.

    T^2 = 4*pi^2(L/g) = 3.3^2 = 10.89
    39.5(1.2/g) = 10.89
    47.4/g = 10.89
    10.89g = 47.4
    g = 4.35 m/s^2

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    posted by Henry

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