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OK I have a my example
On August 16, 2013, three teens -- one white, and two black shot -- and killed Christopher Lane, an Australian attending school in Oklahoma, while he was out for a jog. Fox and Friends and The Daily Caller have compared it to the killing of Trayvon Martin and both news outlets tried to chastise black leaders such as President Barack Obama, Rev. Al Sharpton and Rev. Jesse Jackson by saying that Lane’s murder represents a double standard because they aren’t addressing it to the extent they spoke on Trayvon Martin’s killing. But in the process each of them falsely reported that Lane was killed by three black men, when one of the suspects is clearly white.
A) Define the stereotype
Falsely reporting that three black teens, when clearly one is white
Is there more I could add too? perhaps about them wanted 3 Black leaders to address the situation?
b) Explain how the coverage perpetuates the stereotype?
What's this question mean?

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asked by Blaze
  1. A) The stereotype is that blacks are quick to criticize a black teen killed by whites but that blacks killing a white teen isn't important. Misidentifying one of the killers is just a small part of this stereotype.

    B) I think it perpetuates the stereotype by making it seem as though the country doesn't care what happens to white foreigners.

    By the way, check out Bobpursley's response to your previous post. He made a good point.

  2. Culturism is a term that describes the belief that one cultural group, whether based on ethnicity, economics, education, etc is somehow better or worse than some other cultural group.

    C) Consider whether culturism may be at work in the text or image: Does the overage depict a specific culture group as better or worse than others in the U.S.? How so? what groups are being compared?

    seems like the same answer as A?
    It depicts that the deaths of white teens are less relevant than the deaths of black teens. The groups that are being compared are white teens and black teens
    Is this right, or is some correction needed?

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    posted by Blaze
  3. I agree.

  4. Last question. Propose a different way to cover the same news events or subject without stereotyping.

    Is there a way? Maybe not comparing it to the Trayvon Martin case (a black male)?

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    posted by Blaze
  5. I agree. Comparing this tragedy to that of Trayvon Martin is irresonsible. There's really no similarity between the two cases. I don't see any reason for the race of any of the people involved in Oklahoma to be mentioned.

  6. what did you mean by "I don't see any reason for the race of any people involved in Oklahoma to be mentioned?" What did you mean here? Don't they have to identify them?

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    posted by Blaze
  7. I don't think the races should be involved here. Why should it? I'm more interested in why the boy was killed. What was the motivation of his killers? Their race was not important.

  8. thanks so much Ms.Sue! I really appreciate it.

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    posted by Blaze
  9. You're very welcome, Blaze.

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