maths, physical science , life science , geography

Hi I am in grade 10 , I am doing maths physical science, life science and geography, what jobs can I get into with those subjects

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  2. mmy name is tshegofatso im in grade ten i chose pure maths,life science,physics,geography,home language,english nd life orintation is it possible for me to become a medical doctor

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  3. yyou can become a hospitality

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  4. What career are the

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    posted by bonga
  5. Hi i want to be a pilot

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    posted by Bongani
  6. U can become a Pilot,chanical engender,teaching,doctor,nurse,survey,hospitality, social worker,lawyer,Electrician,interpreter,C.A,and carpernter

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  7. I precious makgopo m doing pure maths ,physical science ,life science and economics and I don't know what career path will I follow

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  8. yes am in graduated 11 trying to find my self a site blue ca

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