The sum of two numbers is 53 . The larger number is 13 more than the smaller number. What are the numbers?

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asked by Jay
  1. x + x + 13 = 53

    2x = 40

    x = 20

    The other is 33

  2. x = larger number
    y = smaller number

    Write two equations, then do the substitution method.

    x + y = 53
    x = y + 13

    y + y + 13 = 53
    2y + 13 = 53
    2y + 13 - 13 = 53 - 13
    2y = 40
    2y/2 = 40/2
    y = 20

    Now solve for x. You can use either equation.

    x = 20 + 13
    x = 33

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    posted by Chelle

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