Can you help me?
I have this question:
Find the equation of the line given the following information:
m=UD, x=3.
And I have to find the equation.

Then it says:
Identify the slope and y intercept from the following equations:
x=5, m=___, b=___
I also have to graph it.

But I don't understand how to do this if the slope is UD!
Help me!

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asked by Paws
  1. equation is

    y = (UD)x + b

    Until you reveal more information about this mysterious UD , that's all I can give you.

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    posted by Reiny
  2. UD is undefined...

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    posted by Paws
  3. Ok, then ....

    If the slope is undefined, you have a vertical line.
    All vertical lines can be defined only by their x value.
    since x = 3
    the equation of your line is x = 3

    Furthermore, if the slope is undefined, that is, if the line is vertical it CANNOT be written in the form
    y = mx + b
    A vertical line cannot have a y-intercept, unless it is the y-axis itself, namely x = 0

    if x = 5, that becomes your equation of that vertical line.
    To graph it, use (5,0) on the x-axis, then draw a vertical line.

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    posted by Reiny
  4. Oh Thanks so much for your help!
    But can I just ask, do the two equation have anything to do with each other? And don't I have to times both sides by 5/3 to make it equal?

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    posted by Paws

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