new mexico histoy

1. Why does New Mexico have a varied climate? (1 point)
It stretches along a long coastline.
Part of its border lies along Mexico.
Its physicalfeatures divide the land into different regions.
Its land is mostly flat so weather moves quickly.
2. Which New Mexican geographic condition most contributed to the development of early Native American
farming techniques? (1 point)
presence of wide, flat plains
water scarcity
availability of mining resources
variations in temperature
3. The Spanish mostly viewed Native Americans in New Mexico as (1 point)
inferior people good mostly for labor.
sophisticated allies with valuable technology.
superiors from whom to learn political and economic systems.
fierce but worthy competitors for riches and resources.
4. With which industry are New Mexico's arts most closely connected? (1 point)
scientific research
5. Which of the following New Mexican groups has a slightly above-average population by percentage as compared
to the entire United States? (1 point)
African Americans

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  1. I'll be glad to check your answers.

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