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Okay, here is my outline. Do you have any suggestions? Is it okay? I haven't done many of these before. Eighth grade, btw, if it makes any difference in judging or anything.

I: Thesis: Despite the fanciful legends, Blackbeard was truly the fiercest and most known pirate that ever sailed the seven seas.

a. Before he was captain
b. Loot
c. Imagery and reputation
d. My thoughts on the subject
e. Concluding

Restate thesis: Although not the most successful by means of wealth Blackbeard was surely a force to reckon with.

II: Before Blackbeard was captain he was a crew member of the pirate Benjamin Thornigold’s ship.

a. Blackbeard had joined the pirate crew of Benjamin’s ship by 1716.
b. Thornigold, seeing potential in the young sailor, soon promoted him.
c. Blackbeard just before Thornigold’s retirement became the captain of his own ship which he named the Queen Anne’s Revenge.

Though most of Teach’s life before his uncanny career is unknown, his time under the tutelage of Thornigold is undoubtedly valid in its claims.

III: Most of Blackbeard’s loot was perishable contrary to popular belief.

a. There is no record of Blackbeard ever having buried anything, much less treasure.
b. Maybe the pirate did have some secret buried treasure. Likely he didn’t.
c. Still there are a persevering few who pore over his maps and scour his haunts in a search for tattered hope.

The only records of Blackbeard’s spoils suggest they were mostly cocoa, silk, raw gold and other fine, limited merchandise.

IV: Knowing that a person’s imagination was a more powerful weapon than any he might have owned, Blackbeard made it his mission to appear as fearsome as possible.

a. Edward would prepare for a battle by dressing in all black and lighting a fuse to his voluminous braided beard and hair, shrouding himself in a mist of smoke.
b. They say he looked as a ruthless devil straight from hell in battle, his wild eyes darting with murderous glee.
c. Because of his reputation for cruel methods of torture – even going as far as to cut off the ears of a prisoner and then force him to eat them - and devilish appearance ships often surrendered without protest, which was probably wise on their part.

Perhaps that is why Blackbeard was so successful as a pirate - the image was worth half the fight.

V: The real Blackbeard is pretty awe inspiring in a freakish, horror story sort of way.

a. Even more so, I believe, than the faux pirate image presented by the media.
b. Some people would rather imagine a jolly good fellow with a habit of frequently remarking, “Ahoy, me good mate.” and a parrot perched atop his shoulder.
c. That seems to be completely understandable given the brutal nature of the truth.

Still, even in all of his epic fury, I would die of my own hand before meet the guy.

VI: Blackbeard aka Edward Teach is still the most famous pirate in all his gory glory today as he was long ago.

a. Edward’s time aboard Thornigold’s ship is noteworthy.
b. I dare say he earned his reputation as “the devil’s brother”.
c. The truth is not as much fun as the legend, although it is a lot scarier.

The legends of Blackbeard’s piracy being thus unraveled, let only blatant truth remain.

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asked by Larkin
  1. It is a research report.

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    posted by Larkin

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