Studies In The American Novel

1) Pamela is the first American Novel
True or false?

2) The early American novels of sentiment dealing with domestic situations
True or false?

3) Many of the early novels were written in the form of letters
True or false?

4) John Steinbeck's fiction has been considered allegorical as well as literal.
True or false?

5) Hemingway began his career in fiction with short stories
True or false?

6) The literacy discovery of the South Seas in the nineteenth century was...
James Fenimore?
Ernest Hemingway?
Herman Melville?

7) The author considered the dominant personality in the nineteenth-century American novels was...
James Fenimore?
Nathaniel Hawthorn?
Sara Orne Jewett?
Mark Twain?

8) As a novelist, Hawthorne was greatly influenced by the works of...
Sir Walter Scott?
Samuel Richardson?
James Fenimore Cooper?
Henry James?

9) Modern Chivalry is an example of a ___ Novel.

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asked by Kevin
  1. How would you like us to help you with this assignment?

  2. These are questions I have pulled out from my study guide that I do not know the answers to.
    I would greatly appreciate it if you would correctly answer these for me since it would help me on tomorrow's test.

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    posted by Kevin
  3. You'll do much better on the test if you find these answers yourself. Just copying my answers won't help you learn a thing.

    Start studying!

  4. true

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