MATH Fractions

Suppose there are 2 pieces of the cake left over,but you don't know how many pieces were in the whole cake. Explain how you could find the number of pieces in the whole cake if Taylor told you 1/6 of the cake was left. You may show your work in a drawing.
How you get the answer and draw?

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  1. x x 1
    y y 2
    y y 3
    y y 4
    y y 5
    y y 6

    all the x and y pieces are the same size. I call the two left over pieces x and then draw enough y s to make the x part one sixth of the total
    then I have 12 pieces total

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  2. So you know that 1/6 of the cake is 2 pieces. Multiply 2 by 6.

    To draw, make a circle with 12 equal parts, and shade 2 of them.

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  3. Thank you to Anonymous

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  4. Anonymous thanks.

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  5. thank you it is march and i found this helpful 2 months after your posting!

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  6. your mum

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