Algebra 1 Word Problem (Reiny)

How am I supposed to solve this?

"Sandy makes $2 profit on every cup of lemonade that she sells and $1 on every cupcake that she sells. Sandy wants to sell at least 5 cups of lemonade and at least 5 cupcakes per day. She wants to earn at least $25 per day. Show and describe all the possible combinations of lemonade and cupcakes that sandy needs to sell to meet her goals. List two possible combinations."

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  1. maximize p = profit = 2 L + 1 C >/= 25

    L >/= 5

    start with L = 5
    10+C >/= 25
    C >/= 15

    if L = 6
    12 + C >/= 25
    C >/= 13
    L 7, C 11
    L 8 ,C 9
    L 9 , C 7
    L 10, C 5
    are your MINIMUM combinations. Of course you can always sell more

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  2. I apologize, but I still don't understand.

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  3. You had to have at least 5 L or lemonade
    so I started there
    to get $25 I needed at least 15 cupcakes
    every time I added a lemonade, I needed two less cupcakes
    until finally I got to 10 lemonades and 5 cupcakes
    I had to have at least 5 cupcakes, so there it ended

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  4. How would I construct a graph for this?

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