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How are virtual field trips helpful in education?
A.They let students visit locations through video and images that they might never be able to visit in real life.
B.They let students pick up objects in real life
C.They let students post their field trip experiences online
D.They let teachers take pictures on a field trip.

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asked by Eugene
  1. My answer A

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    posted by Eugene
  2. Right

  3. i got 100%%%%%%The answers are B A A

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    posted by me
  4. Me too I got 100% the answers are B A A Thanks! you helped a lot

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    posted by Ermy
  5. 1.B

    Thank you! You are all correct! :)

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  6. YAY

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    posted by J-kid
  7. @if you pay, you can stay. Is correct. Unless you are not in connections academy lesson 7 unit 5 study skills.

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  8. I am not going to give the answers but I will say that I got all the questions right with help from people here!

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  9. B

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  10. thanks for your help

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    posted by love

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