Consider the following table, which gives the winning Olympic pole vaults in the 20th century.

Year Gold Medalists Height(ft)
1900 Irving Baxter 10.83
1904 Charles Dvorak 11.84
1908 A. Gilbert 12.17
1912 harry Babcock 12.96
1920 Frank Ross 13.42
1924 Lee Barnes 12.96
1928 Sabin Carr 13.77
1932 William Miller 14.15
1936 Earl meadows 14.27
1948 Guinn Smith 14.10
1952 Robert Richards 14.92
1956 Robert Richards 14.96
1960 Don Bragg 15.42
1964 Fred Hansen 16.73
1968 Bob Seagren 17.71
1972 W. Nordwig 18.04
1976 Tadeusz S. 18.04
1980 W. K. 18.96
1984 Pierre Quinon 18.85
1988 Sergei Bubka 19.77
1992 M. Tarassob 19.02
1996 Jean Jalfione 19.42

a. After analyzing the data, find the regression line that best fits.

b. What does the model predict for the Olympic pole vault record in the year 2000?

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asked by Andy G

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