French for Aubrey

Present Tense of Regular -ER Verbs, Affirmative

jouer = to play
(I play, I do play, I am playing)


je joue
tu joues
il joue
elle joue
on joue


nous jouons
vous jouez
ils jouent
elles jouent

NOTE: The personal endings of the present tense (le présent), of -er verbs are:
-e, -es, -e, -ons, -ez, -ent.

The e of je is dropped if the next word begins with a vowel (a, e, i, o, u) or silent h: J'arrive, j'habite.

The pronouns il, elle, ils, elles refer to both persons and things. On is translated: one, he, she, people, etc.

To summarize two or more nouns of different genders, ils is used.

Le crayon et la pluma tombent. Ils tombent.
The pen and pencil are falling. They are falling.


aider, to help
aimer, to like, love
chanter, to sing
chercher, to look for
commencer, to begin
compter, to count
danser, to dance
demeurer, to live, dwell
désirer, to wish, want
donner, to give
entrer (dans), to go (come) in, enter
étudier, to study
fermer, to close, shut
habiter, to live in
jouer, to play
manger, to eat
marcher, to walk
montrer, to show
parler, to speak, talkpenser, to think
pleurer, to cry
porter, to carry, wear
sonner, to ring
tomber, to fall
travailler, to work
trouver, to find

After you study the above and ask any questions you may have, I suggest you actually conjugate a few for proofreading, to be sure you have the pattern. Note that the English will have 3 possibilities and you might want to try that as well. Step by step we WILL get you ready!

Thank you so much for your help!My teacher is also working to transfer me into an advanced french two class instead of french three. What is your opinion about that? I'm not sure if an advanced course in any level would be good for me right now.

Discuss it with your teacher. Generally, they have the experience to know what to do in these placements.

Just be sure you can drop back with no penalty! When it comes to any advanced course, only you and your teacher can best decide. I haven't seen enough of your work to ascertain WHERE you should be but once you are there we will keep reviewing. Every year, even in Level V and VI I made my students begin with first year, then 2nd year, etc. because in a foreign-language you are building each day on what you have had before!

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