dT/dz=−α for z≤11 km

where α=6.5 K/km (Kelvin per km) and z is the height above the sea level. The temperature stays then approximately constant between 11 km and 20 km above sea level.

Assume a temperature of 5 ∘C and a pressure of 1 atm at sea level (1 atm = 1.01325 ×105 N/m^2). Furthermore, take the molecular weight of the air to be (approximately) 29 g/mol. The universal gas constant is R=8.314 JK−1mol−1 and the acceleration due to gravity is g=10 m/s2 (independent of altitude). Assume that air can be treated as an ideal gas.

(a) Under the assumptions above, calculate the atmospheric pressure p (in atm) at z= 10 km above sea level for the case of a linear temperature drop.


(b) The cruising altitude of a commercial aircraft is about 33'000 ft (or 10 km). Assume that the cabin is pressurized to 0.8 atm at cruising altitude. What is the minimal force Fmin (in Newton) per square meter that the walls have to sustain for the cabin not to burst? Use the atmospheric pressure found in (a).


(c) We close a plastic bottle full of air inside the cabin when the aircraft is at cruising altitude of z= 10 km. The volume of the bottle is V1, the pressure and temperature inside the cabin are 0.8 atm and T1=27 ∘C, respectively. Assume that at sea level the atmospheric pressure is 1 atm, and the temperature is decreased by 15 Kelvin with respect to the cabin's temperature.

What is the magnitude of the percentage change in volume of the air inside the bottle when it is brought to sea level? (Enter the magnitude of the percentage change in volume in


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