big triangle mass m with the square angle bottom left and angle theta bottom frition with the horizontal surface. Above that triangle a similar triangle mass m with a shorter hypothenuse (square angle top right, angle theta top left, no friction between both triangle).On top of these triangles,a block mass m ,with friction between the block and the top triangle.

In the diagram, both the prisms and the block have equal masses m. Angle θ is given. Both surfaces of the larger prism are frictionless; however, there is friction between the horizontal surface of the smaller prism and the block. A horizontal and constant force of unknown magnitude F is exerted on the larger prism. As a result, the three objects remain at rest relative to each other.

(a) Find the magnitude of the acceleration of the larger prism a.


(b) Find the value of the pushing force F.


(c) Find the minimum coefficient of static friction μs between the block and the smaller prism that makes it possible for the block to stay at rest relative to the prism.


the coeff of friction min...I donc think it has to do with the tan, since µ has to be at most equal to 1.

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  1. c) µs = tan theta

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  2. a) a=g*tan(theta)

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    posted by Singh
  3. b) F=3*m*g*tan(theta)

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    posted by Singh
  4. Thank you very much guys

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    posted by asha

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