A shirt cost $7.80. What is the price of the item after a 10% increase with sales tax? (Sales Tax: 7.5%)

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asked by Dakota
  1. Hello Ms. Sue, Can you please help on this I don't get it! Please


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    posted by Dakota
  2. 7.8 * 1.1 * 1.075 = ?

  3. = 9.22 ?

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    posted by Dakota
  4. Ms. Sue ?

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    posted by Dakota
  5. Right.

  6. OK Cool, but so I can understand well can you explain me how? Please? !

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    posted by Dakota
  7. 7.80 = original price
    1.1 - amount of price increase
    1.075 = price plus sales tax

  8. OK, I got it now! Thanks so much!

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    posted by Dakota
  9. Great!

    You're very welcome!


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