When it says, "Paulo has a certain amount of money. If he spends six dollars, then he has 1/4 of the original amount left."
So would the equation be n-6=1/4?

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asked by Nicole
  1. n - 6 = (1/4)n

  2. Okay, but I was stuck when trying to find the answer.
    My process was:
    at this step I am stuck to know what to do next. Please help.

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    posted by Nicole
  3. n - 6 = (1/4)n

    Subtract (1/4)n from both sides,
    Add 6 to both sides.

    (3/4)n = 6

    n = 6 / (3/4)

    n = 6 * (4/3)

    n = 24/3 = 8

  4. Wait. How could you add 6 on both sides if the (1/4)n has been subtracted on both sides?

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    posted by Nicole

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