Physical Education

  1. Science
    Which best explains why children often look like their parents? A) Traits, or characteristics, are passed on to offspring from parents. *** B) Before being born, characteristics of offspring are randomly formed. C) Babies begin to look like their parents as their features ...
  2. physical science
    when a physical change in a sample occurs which of the following does not change? a. shape b. temperature c. volume d. composition d?
  3. physical science
    which of the following are pure substances? a. solutions b. compounds c. homogeneous mixtures d. colloids A?
  4. Physical Education help
    What is a disadvantage of selectorized strength machines? They require access to a spotter. They increase risk for joint injury. They are a poor fit for some body types. They are safe only for experienced exercisers. Is it C?
  5. Physical Education HELP
    What are the advantages of exercise bands? (Select all that apply.) They can be used without a spotter. They are inexpensive and portable. They have universal color codes for levels of resistance. They offer consistent resistance throughout workouts. Is it A,B, and C?
  6. Phychology CHECK my answers
    My answers have the star 1. The nervous system is the body’s ______________ network. (1 point) communication*** organization reactive production 2. The central nervous system (CNS) consists of the brain and the ___________. (1 point) heart neural network skeletal system ...
  7. Literature
    I need to write a literature review using the following Research Question: How does one's self attitude/worth play a role in deviant behavior? The following is my outline. I am having two problems. The articles are so complex that I am having difficulty understanding them. ...
  8. character education
    What is an obsession? loss of control due to a focus on less significant circumstances enjoyment of something unusual dependence on a physical substance A? What is a compulsion? an addictive substance a behavior that is given undeserved urgency loss of control due to a desire ...
  9. Physical Science A
    What daughter product is produced when thallium–206, an isotope of thallium, undergoes beta minus (β–) decay?
  10. Chemistry
    Why do heteroatoms help determine the physical and chemical properties of a molecule? a They forms more bonds to other atoms than carbon can. b They possess nonbonding pairs of electrons and affect the molecule’s polarity. c They possess stronger bonds with hydrogen atoms ...
  11. Chemistry
    Given the reactant side of the total ionic equation for the neutralization reaction of ammonium hydroxide (NH4OH) with hydrochloric acid (HCl), write the total ionic equation (also known as the complete ionic equation) by entering both the reactant and the product species, ...
  12. Physics
    List and briefly explain as many physical principles as possible that help explain El Nino and its formation.
  13. Global Village
    How has the physical geography and environment influenced trade and agriculture in Angola?
  14. physical
    Hi! I really need help! have plans this weekend and they start today but I have to do this and soon! What is the best definition of friendship? 1:A LONG-TERM CONNECTION WITH ANOTHER PERSON. 2:A SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN PEOPLE WHO ENJOY BEING TOGETHER. 3:A SPECIAL ...
  15. 5th grade science
    Can you check the following? 1. Which statement about vascular plants and non-vascular plants is true? a. vascular plants produce seeds and non-vascular plants produce spores b. both plant types produce cones c. both plant types are considered angiospersm d. both plant types ...
  16. physical education
    what are the reason for the olympic game to be largest of all sporting event?
  17. Physical Science
    Hi! Thanks for checking my question out! ____ 1. Methane, CH4, burns in oxygen gas to form water and carbon dioxide. What is the correct balanced chemical equation for this reaction? (1 point) a) CH4 + O --> H2O + CO2 b) CH4 + 4O --> 2H2O + CO2 c) CH4 + O2 --> H2O + ...
  18. science
    1. The breaking down or disintegration of substances such as rocks and minerals by physical, chemical, or biological processes is called- A Erosion B Weathering*** C Climate D Deposition 2. When particles carried by water, ice, or wind are dropped in another location it is ...
  19. scince
    Which of the following is not an example of a physical property of a substance? density combustion solubility freezing point thx
  20. Health and Physical Education
    Which defense mechanism is used by a person who constantly blames his unbearable feelings on another person? A: rationalization B: compensation C: denial D: projection ~ I think it is D ~ please correct me ~
  21. Physical Science
    Describe/draw the process and steps of an electron emitting light.
  22. AP Literature
    I need some help checking these questions. This is on the poem Ulysses by Alfred Tennyson, if you search "Ulysses poem" its the first result. 1. Lines 47-48 read, "That ever with a frolic welcome took/The thunder and the sunshine..." In line 48, thunder and sunshine are ...
  23. As physics
    (As physics working out please) (SI UNITS) Which physical quantity has the same base units as energy? SHOW ALL WORKING OUT! A:Moment B:Momentum C:force D:pressure
  24. Physical Science ?
    1. Cooking requires continuous addition of energy to the chemical reactions that are taking place. The chemical reactions involved in cooking can be described as _____. 2. Measuring how quickly a reactant disappears is one way to measure the _____ of the reaction. 3. A chunk ...
  25. As physics
    (As physics working out please) Which physical quantity has the same base units as energy? SHOW ALL WORKING OUT! A:Moment B:Momentum C:force D:pressure
  26. Physical chemistry - equilibrium
    Ka for ch3coh is 1.8x10^-5. Find out percentage dissociation of 0.2M CH3COOH in 0.1M HCl solution.
  27. English
    Compare and contrast essay for mother and father. You can include physical or personality perspectives. Just needs to be a compare and contrast essay
  28. P E and Sports
    What are the branches of philosophy of physical education and sports
  29. education
    when evaluating a group of children during a physical education class,which is the best recording method to use
  30. physical education
    where did he olympic games come from?
  31. Physical Science
    What steps should we use to prevent the soil from eroding while we are letting the soil dry?
  32. Science
    Sodium is a medal and chlorine is a poisonous gas. Neither is safe to eat. However, when sodium and chlorine is combine, it produces edible table salt. What can be concluded? 1) Table salt has similar physical properties of both reactants. 2)Table salt is a metalloid with ...
  33. Physical and health education
    Mention eight branches of physical education
  34. Science
    This is what the chart talks about. A Melt 1 cup of butter chop an onion mix ingredients in a large bowl B Brown the meat in a frying pan boil 6 eggs bake at 350 degrees kendra was looking at recipes in a cookbook. she divided some of the steps of a recipe into two columns. ...
  35. Physical Science
    You have a sealed glass jar full of air. If you put it in the freezer, what happens to the gas pressure in the jar??
  36. Science
    Which physical properties are characteristic of normal solids? 1)brittle 2)little luster 3)malleable 4)ductile 5)good conductors of heat I think #1 and #2
  37. Science
    How do conduction and convection differ? My answer was: Conduction requires objects to have direct physical contact, convection does not.
  38. Science
    Which physical properties are characteristic of metals? Choose all that apply. 1) brittle 2)high luster 3)malleable 4)ductile 5)not very reactive I think #s 2,3 and 4 Thanks
  39. AP Environmental Science-Ecosystems
    1. What are the physical products of cellular respiration? a. Oxygen and carbon dioxide b. Nitrogen and carbon c. Glucose and oxygen d. Glucose and water e. Water and carbon dioxide 2. If the biomass of flowers that support the butterflies was known to contain 100,000 units of...
  40. Health and PE
    _____ is at the top of Maslow's hierarchy of needs? 1) physical needs 2)safety 3)esteem 4)self-actualization I think #4 but all are important. Thanks
  41. Physical chemistry
    13.5ml of hydrogen iodide are produced by the reaction of 8.1ml of hydrogen and 9.3ml of iodine vapor at444°c. Calculate the Kc at this temperature
  42. Physical chemistry
    At a certain temperature 0.1moles of hydrogen gas and 0.1 moles of iodine gas were placed in 1 litre flask. It was found that the concentration of iodine decreased to 0.02moles per litre. Calculate the value of the Kc for the reaction
  43. Science
    When you measure the boiling point of mercury, you are investigating a ____? 1)chemical change 2)chemical property 3)physical change 4)physical property I think #3. This is a practice but want to make sure. Thanks,
  44. Graphic Design
    what term used to be defined as using a blade to cut a physical photograph so that only a segment remains? 1.) Clip art 2.) Crop 3.) Cut and paste 4.) Typeface Please help me! <3
  45. Science
    When an electric current passed through water during the process of electrolysis, two gases are formed. One gas has a boiling point of -183 degrees Celsius and the other has a boiling point of -253 degrees Celsius. Has a physical or a chemical change occurred? Explain.
    " An ATTEMPT to healthy living can cause misery. How true is this" Are these arguments good/fair enough ?? against : a) attempting to live a healthy lifestyle means involvement in sports and outdoor activities, yoga classes, gym bla bla bla. these help one remain fit and also ...
  47. Science
    If don't mind could you check my answers for environmental science 1.The interdisciplinary study of humanity’s relationship with other organisms and the non-living physical environment is termed: a) ecology b) sociology c) political science d) risk analysis e) ...
  48. Science
    If don't mind could you check my answers for environmental science 1.The interdisciplinary study of humanity’s relationship with other organisms and the non-living physical environment is termed: a) ecology b) sociology c) political science d) risk analysis e) environmental ...
  49. Physical
    A soild cube of aluminum (density2.70g/cm^3) has a volume of 0.200cm^3 . It is known that 27.0g of aluminum contains 6.02x10^23 atoms . How many aluminum atoms are contained in the cube ?
  50. ER Diagram - Database
    An online retailer, S record, which sells physical music albums, plans to implement a DBMS to enhance its data management practice and ultimately advance business operations. The requirements collection and analysis phase of the database design process has provided the ...
  51. Physical Chemistry
    Your hot tub has overheated to a very uncomfortable 48 degrees C. If your hot tub contains 402 L of hot water, what mass of ice at -5 degrees C would you need to add to your hot tub to bring the temperature down to a more comfortable 36 degrees C?
  52. Statistics
    Williams, Dunsiger, Jennings, and Marcus (2012) conducted a study to test how enhanced mood during exercise can increase the likelihood of physical activity in the future. They reported that at 6 months of physical activity, mood scores (rated on a scale from -5 to +5) after a...
  53. Physical Chemistry
    One potential problem with using molarity to express concentration is that molarity is temperature dependent. If you make a 1.000 M solution of aqueous HCl at 25 degrees celsius, what would the molarity of this solution become if the temperature of the solution is elevated to ...
  54. Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Physical, English
    A 50 gram bullet moving with a velocity 10 m/s gets embedded into a 950 g stationary body . The loss in K.E. of the system will be
  55. Physical Science
    How do you find the mass if they give you the joules and the velocity? Please help me! I'm really confused...
  56. Physical Science
    Two objects were lifted by a machine. One object had a mas of 2 kilograms, and was lifted at a speed of 2 m/sec. The other had a mass of 4 kilogram was lifted at a rate of 3 m/sec. ----------------------------------------​--- a) Which object had more kinetic energy being...
  57. Physical Science
    The potential energy of an apple is 6.00 joules. The apple is 3.00-meters high. What is the mass of the apple? Please help! I have no idea how to solve this. :(
  58. chemistry
    Connelly cuts a solid object in half. What happens to the mass, volume, and density of the object that Connelly cuts? A)The mass and volume are both divided by two, and the density is divided by four. B) The volume is divided by two, but the mass and density do not change. C) ...
  59. Physical Science
    Hello! Thanks for checking my question out! ____ 3. During a phase change, the temperature of a substance (1 point) a) increases. b) decreases. c) does not change. d) increases or decreases. My Answer: C Could someone please check my answer? Thanks! - Da Fash
  60. Physical Science
    Hello! Thanks for checking my question out! ____ 5. If the volume of a cylinder is reduced from 8.0 liters to 4.0 liters, the pressure of the gas in the cylinder will change from 70 kilopascals to (1 point) a) 35 kilopascals. b) 105 kilopascals. c) 140 kilopascals. d) 560 ...
  61. Physical Science
    Hello! Thanks for checking my question out! ____ 2. Which of the following is NOT a clue that a chemical change has occurred? (1 point) a) change in color b) production of a gas c) formation of a precipitate d) change in shape My Answer: D Could someone please check my answer...
  62. Physical Science
    Hello! Thanks for checking my question out! ____ Fill in the Blank 10. The _______________ theory of matter states that all particles of matter are in constant motion. (1 point) My Answer: kinetic Could someone please check my answer? Thanks! - Da Fash
  63. Physical Science
    Hello! Thanks for checking my question out! ____ Fill in the Blank 9. Materials can be classified as solids, liquids, or gases based on whether their shapes and _______________ are definite or variable. (1 point) My Answer: volumes Can someone please check my answer? Thanks...
  64. La
    (In call of the wild) What does the phrase "The dominant primordial beast was strong in Buck" mean? A. Buck was eager to fight his rival. B. Buck followed his deepest instincts. C. Buck gained physical strength. I think A
  65. Physical Chemistry
    What is the mole fraction of alanine in 0.314m CH3CH(NH2)COOH(aq)?
  66. Physical science
    In a recipe for lemonade it gives the ingredients as 1 cup of water,1.5 tablespoons lemon juice, plus sugar and salt.Not taking into account the sugar and salt, what is the concentration of lemon juice in the mixture as a percentage by volume? 16 tablespoons = 1 cup. Please ...
  67. Physical Science
    Hello! Thanks for checking my question out! ____ 4. Water is a compound because it (1 point) a) can be broken down into simpler substances. b) always has two hydrogen atoms for each oxygen atom. c) is made of water atoms joined together. d) both the first and second choices ...
  68. Physical Science
    Hello! Thanks for checking my question out! ____ 2. Milk is an example of a (1 point) a) solution. b) homogenous mixture. c) colloid. d) compound. My Answer: C Could someone please check if I'm right? Thanks! - Da Fash
  69. Physical Science
    Hello! Thanks for checking my question out! ____ 10. How many significant figures should the product 62.25 * 37.4 have? a) 2 b) 3 c) 4 d) 7 My Answer: B Could someone please check my answer? Thanks! - Da Fash
  70. Physical Science
    Hello! Thanks for checking my question out! ____ Fill in the Blank 14. In an experiment, if doubling the manipulated variable results in a doubling of the responding variable, the relationship between the variables is a(n) _________________________. (1 point) My Answer: direct...
  71. physical science
    two cars are headed straight for each other, each at a constant speed of 40mph. A. do the two cars have the same speed? b. do the two cars have the same velocity? c. what is the acceleration of each car while moving at a constant speed
  72. Writing
    The essay below is an expository essay and was written in 15 minutes. Please give me some feedback on my essay ( a score of 1 being the lowest and a score of 5 being the highest). Prompt: Explore how obesity affects a nation's productivity and economy. My essay: Americans are ...
  73. Physical chemistry
    What is the percent by weight of nacl if 1.75gm of nacl is dissolved in 58.5gm of water.
  74. physical
    calculate the force of gravity on a 1.2 x 10^5 kg space station at a distance of 3.5 x 10^5 m from earth's surface earth equal to 5.98 x 10^24 kg
  75. Science
    What are two examples of a physical system designed by peaple
  76. Social studies
    5. What effect on the Columbian exchange does this image illustrate? (A). The population boom of domesticated animals that escaped into the wild. (B). The conversion of the physical environment.*** (C). The introduction of milk cows to the North Americans of the Midwest. (D). ...
  77. physical
    staring from rest, a 3.5 kg object is acted upon by an unbalanced force and acquires a speed of 14.0 m/s after moving a distance of 35 m. find (a) the acceleration of the object, (b) the unbalanced force acting on the object, and (c) the time it takes for the object to attain ...
  78. chemistry
    malia24 Which answer choice lists a physical property that can be used to separate the substances in mixtures? (Select all that apply. size of particles half-life points strength of bonds boiling point ia it a and b
  79. physical
    a ball that was projected up at an angle of θ degrees with the horizontal has a flight time of 5.0s and covers a range of 49.0 m. find (a) the time it took to reach maximum height, (b) the horizontal and vertical components of its initial velocity, (c) its initial velocity,(d...
  80. chemistry
    Where does radioactivity come from? physical changes in atoms the nuclei of unstable isotopes chemical reaction the breaking of chemical bonds please help
  81. Physical Science
    1. boyle's law states that the volume of a gas is inversely proportional to its pressure if the? A) temperature and number of particles are consistent** B) temperature reaches absolute zero C) number of particles are doubled D) temperature and number of particles are doubled 2...
  82. Science
    3. Kamir and Alexis are studying the properties of water. They conducted a variety of experiments to determine its physical and chemical properties. Of the tests the students conducted, which one illustrates a chemical property of water? a. Salt dissolves in water b. Oil and ...
  83. Science
    2. Two liquids are poured into two cups. Cup A contains a colorless, odorless liquid. Cup B contains a colorless liquid with a strong odor. An ice cube floats in Cup A but sinks in Cup B. When heated, the liquid in Cup B boils at a much lower temperature than the liquid in Cup...
  84. Life orientations
    What are the negative impacts of risk behaviors on, social, economic, physical and emotional mental
  85. Focus on the Child, Part 2
    In helping infants and toddlers cope with anger, all of the following are helpful except A. preventing possible frustration. B. denying the anger. C. providing for their physical needs. D. examining how you cope with anger. my answer is d.
  86. Physical Scieence
    4- what is a physical or mental representation of an object or event? 1. a theory 2. a hypothesis 3. a model** 4- a scientific law 5- _________ is the closeness of a measurement to the actual value being measured a-accuracy ** b-precision
  87. Physical Education
    i'm doing this thing where i have to list 4 goals i want to accomplish by the end of the semester. im forced to take p.e, so i dont have any goals or anything. i already have 3 goals down, i just need one more. any ideas??
  88. Physical Science, Science
    The barometric pressure in Breckenridge, Colorado (elevation 9600 feet) is 580 mm Hg. How many atmospheres is this? How do we find the answer for this?
  89. P.E help plz
    the friends you hang out with at school are an example of A. your physical enviroment B. your heredity C. bullying. (D). your social environment***
  90. Physical Science
    How will you prepare a laboratory procedure to verify the validity of the hypothesis? Give example.
  91. science
    What physical property is changed when a waitress pours coffee from a pot into four mugs? density color volume temperature
  92. Physical Education (P.E)
    Slide 2:Setting and Achieving Goals A woman doctor is using a stethoscope as she performs a checkup on a young girl. A teddy bear is buckled up in the seat of a car. There are three steps you can take to help you reach your personal health goals gain awareness, gain knowledge...
  93. school
    41) When planning a music activity, teachers should I. think of a fun activity. II. know the functioning level, musical abilities and interests of individual children in the class. III. align the activity to one or more of the National Standards for Music Education. IV. ...
  94. school
    1) Art pieces should always be discussed, and children should explain why they drew what they did. True 2) Because young children have difficulty distinguishing reality from fantasy, puppets should not be used very often in the classroom. False 3) Children could have a keen ...
  95. Physical Education
    physical health, refers to how well your body is functioning as a result of several factors, including proper diet, exercise, sleep, and medical/dental care. The second side, your social health, refers to how well you interact and communicate with others. The third side ...
  96. Physical Chemistry
    26.Use Russell-Saunders LS coupling to derive the ground state levels of (a) Ne (b) F (c) Sc (d) Zr (e) C. 30. a. Construct a Grotrian diagram for the He emission spectrum (shown on the right) and use it to assign as much of this spectrum as you can using the data in the table...
  97. Physical Chemistry
    15.The Rydberg constant for the Be3+ ion is 109731 cm–1. Calculate the ionization energy of a ground-state Be3+ ion. 22.How many electrons can occupy the following subshells: (a) 2s, (b) 4d, (c) 6f, (d) 6g, (e) 6h?
  98. Physical sciences
    Intermolecular forces by determination of the evaporation rate of different liquids
  99. science
    Can you explain how matter and energy are continuously transferred between organisms and their physical environment? All help welcomed, I'm willing to be directed to links etc thank you! Im truly stumped here i know it probably has to do with the carbon cycle I'm just not sure...
  100. Teaching
    1) T/F. Although there are many benefits in parents and teachers working together, research shows no change in children's learning when parents are involved. False 2) T/F. An appropriate approach to the initial conference at the beginning of the school year would be a ...
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