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For an art project, you make a square print with a side length of 8 inches. You make a frame using strips of wood 1 1/4 inches wide. What is the area of the frame?

math 12
a) y = 100 * 2^(x/0.32) (intuitively, after 0.32h, it doubles; after .64h, it quadruples, etc) b) plug in y = 450, and solve for x you should get x = 0.32*log(4.5)/log(2) which is about 0.694h

i need a creative title for an essay about comparing the Elizabethan theatre to the modern theatre.

Positive Le Chatelier: increase temperature--> more dissolve --> disolving has positive enthalpy change to counter the increase in temperature

it's not guess would be positive

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