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When a person wearing a perfume enters a room it takes a minute to spread in the room..what causes that??

maths lit,economics,accounting,tourism,busine stud
i am doin these i wanna do financial it possible for me without mathematics

social studies
what is pseudo-psychology

7th grade math
i know, but say order matters. as in, the first one picked is in the foreground and the second one picked is placed in the background. it would result in different sketches.

7th grade math
aa, ao, ap, oo, op there are five, unless order is important: aa, ao, ap, oo, op, oa, pa, po and then there are eight.

english/great gatsby
could anyone confirm/fill in the blanks on these ages? Normal Part of Novel Jay Gatsby – 30? Nick Carraway – 29 Tom – 30 Daisy - 23 Jordan – 23 George - ? Myrtle – mid-thirties? Wolfshiem- 50 Other Parts Gatsby meets Dan Cody – 17 Gatsby meets ...