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I need to describe my spring break in Spanish day by day. I think she said present-tense, I copied this chart off the board. AR Yo e Nos amos ER Yo e Nos imos-emos Is that present? So my question is, in that tense, how would I say "I go"?

ap physics
I need some help with the following problems. I got no idea how to do it...PLEASE HELP!!!!THANKS A LOT!! A hunter is standing on flat ground between two vertical cliffs that are directly opposite one another. He is closer to one cliff than the other. He fires a gun and , after...

3brothers 4sisters

How can you tell a valid opinion from a bias opinion? I realize when they are obviously slanted, but what makes an opinion valid?

Was Venice, Italy always flooded by water? Was it made on-top of the ocean, or was it made, and later flooded?

what are the major abiotic and biotic factors in a coniferous forest?

infinte use to find math two words seventenn letters for crossword puzzle

How do you write equations for perpendicular lines? I will assume you know how to find the equation of a line if you know the slope and a point on that line. The key thing to remember is: Two perpendicular lines have slopes that are opposite reciprocals of each other. e.g if ...

700 liter of N

7.0*102 l n


What was the importance of Anubis to Ancient Egyptians? The jackal-god of mummification, he assisted in the rites by which a dead man was admitted to the underworld. Anubis was worshipped as the inventor of embalming and who embalmed the dead Osiris and thereby helping to ...

Can anyone tell me how the basso continuo changed through the baroque to the classical period? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Hopefully the following site will help you:

the big idea of energy
omg i have to do the iron and sulphur reaction as well and i don't think i know what the big idea of energy is... but here's what i found :S basically the big idea of energy is the rule that energy cannot be created or destroyed, it just changes form. i don't get ...

math/unit rate
A unit rate is like 42 cupcakes in 3 boxes. how many cupcakes in each box. a unit rate is comparing 2 items.

It is 1 5/100 because the 5 is in the 100ths place, and there is a 1 in front of the decimal so that is the whole number.

Mrs.Sue that is inappropriate!!!!! f it is the answer than say the answer is "blank"!!!!!!!!

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